External Mirror System - AS350

Art.-Nr: 01EMS

This External Mirror System for External Load Operations has been designed based on operator's needs and experiences to offer you the most versatile system currently available on the market.

For your AS350 available under EASA-STC 10066894.

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Two mirrors

The External Mirror System consits of two mirrors attached to the nose of the helicopter by a metal frame. The larger main mirror at the top is heated and elctrically adjustable by the pilot. Due to the large size of the mirror, the pilot has a wide field of view vertically, even in adverse conditions. The lower secondary mirror provides a clear wide-angle view towards the belly of the helicopter covering the skids and the main cargo hook. All this with a maximum ground clearance of the system.

Your operation

Easily adapt to different mission requirements, pilot sizes, seat positions or sling lengths by 4-way electrically adjustable main mirror.

  • Continous visibility without fogging or icing ensured by main mirror heating
  • Vertical visibility thru mirror not obstructed by any struts, frame or fuselage
  • Large field of view due to substantial mirror size
  • Rigid frame that keeps mirrors free of blurring vibrations providing sharp vision
  • Mirror stays positioned even in tight manoeuvers and at high speeds due to robust adjusting mechanism
  • Main mirror pan control integrated into cyclic control stick